PICC Line Cover

PICC Line Cover

by Yolanda Sheehan (Solari Etc.)

PICC crochet


Yarn:  Washable & Stretchy!  Preferably Superwash Wool such as Cascade 220 or Knitpicks Swish, shown in Lion Brand Heartland (Great Smoky Mountains)

Hook:   US H / 5.00 MM (or size specified for your yarn)

Tapestry needle

Gauge:  16 HDC (BLO) for 12 rows = 4 Inches x 4 Inches

Abbreviations:  Ch – chain; ESC – extended single crochet; HDC – half double crochet; BLO – back loop only; YO – yarn over

Skill:  Beginner

Notes:  Made flat & seemed with Slip Stitch.  Written in US Terms.

ESC (extended single crochet): Insert hook in next stitch (BLO), YO, draw up loop. YO, draw through one loop. YO, draw through remaining 2 loops on hook.



Ch 32

Row 1:  ESC (BLO) in 2nd stitch from hook, ESC (BLO) in next 3 stitches, HDC (BLO) in next 20 stitches, ESC (BLO) in last 5 stitches, Ch 2, turn.

Row 2:  ESC (BLO) in first 4 stitches, HDC (BLO) in next 20 stitches, ESC (BLO) in last 5 stitches, Ch 2, turn.

Row 3-?:  Repeat Row 2, until piece is desired circumference.  Do not tie off.

Joining:  With working yarn, slip stitch first & last edges together.

Tie off yarn, weave in ends.

Solari Etc. - PICC chart

Example shown has 8″ circumference and 7″ length. To increase length, simply add to starting chain & HDCs equally

Size Circumference Length
XS 5-6″ 5-6″
S 6-8″ 6-7″
M 8-10″ 7-8″
L 10-12″ 8-9″
XL 12-14″ 9-10″

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  1. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!


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